About Us

Dolume LLC was founded by Olumide Adebo who has worked for over 10 years as an Engineer, Project Manager, and Director. The vision of the Dolume is to help people and organizations manage projects through a process that focuses on people, collaboration and innovation.

Based upon his experience in IT and other endeavors he believes that the most creative and innovative solutions are developed through collaboration with individuals from multiple disciplines and with a varied perspective.

On each project Dolume goal is to bring together consultants each with their own area of specialization and perspective to collaborate in developing a solution. 

Our philosophy

Dolume’s philosophy, based upon the Agile methodology for project for development and execution is based upon the following ideas:

Value over constraints

Adaptability to external influences

Responding to change over following a plan 

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Innovation driven by group interaction

Working prototypes over comprehensive documentation

The Agile methodology is a process built on collaboration, guided by the principles described in the “Agile Manifesto” and the “Declaration of Interdependence”.



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