Let Dolume guide you through change using Agile Management, Prototyping and Collaboration 

Who we are

Dolume is a consultant group that focuses on managing our clients initiatives and  projects using innovative methods and creativity.


What we do

We believe in using creative methods to help develop innovative solutions for our customers.

At the core of our services is Agile Project Management, a process that provides speed, flexibility and creativity in implementing ideas.

We use this methodology to help add new services, assist in implementing major changes to existing services or developing strategies for new initiatives. 


What can we do for YOU?

Create value through change, that statement we believe is at the heart of what motivates people or groups to move or seek to move in a new direction.

What we offer is the ability to look at your potentials goals through your lens in order to enhance our understanding, while still being able to look at it from other multiple perspectives to develop solutions.

We can increase your successful implementation of projects and improve your return on investments.

We offer flexible solutions that are adaptable to change and will therefore lead to a successful implementation.